Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Exploration 7 by Hailey Jackson

1. Something important I annotated was the fact that a lack of a particular public document could lead to a serious problem. I understand that public documents were useful for defining procedures or starting new volunteer groups and getting people to fight for a cause but the lack of a will caused the doctor to have a serious issue of trying to save the mans life. From that example some public documents can be extremely important.
2. Call on Kenya to Ease the Suffering of Nairobi's 2 Million Slum Dwellers
Purpose: The author is writing to the Kenyan president trying to get the authorities to help then 2 million people living in slums.
Effective or not: Yes, because the author gives plenty of evidence to support his cause. He does not just say here's the problem, fix it. He gives reasons why it is a problem in the first place and why it needs fixed.
Evidence: The author describes the terrible living conditions they have to deal with, the author talks about how the "slum dwellers" are being forced to evict their homes, and how the government's slum upgrading program is not helping.
Writing at its best: I think when the author describes the horrible living conditions they face is where the writing is at its best(paragraph 2): "Up to a million people live in Kiberia, Nairobi's largest slum, crowded onto just 550 acres of sodden land that straddles the main railway line." I think this is the best because the author using really good imagery to prove his point. It shows how imagery can be great way to support a cause.


  1. i read the Call on Kenya article as well. I also agree that the author gives plenty of evidence as to what is wrong and how it needs to be changed.

  2. This sounds like a great piece. It is interesting and informative and well worth it. The "Slum dwellers' are a group that do not have really have any representation, so I think this is an important thing to write to the Kenyan President.

  3. On top of the amount of evidence that he uses, it also feels like he tries to draw an emotional appeal as well which he does a good job of.


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