Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Grant Trainer - Exploration 7

1. One thing I noticed that is very important is how all of these letters are written to someone well known that has the ability to influence a certain area or subject more than others due to the fact that more people know of them and respect their opinions. So the person to whom these petitions are written is very important to whether or not the actions asked to be taken will be effective.

2. Greenpeace Response to President Obama's Award of the Nobel Peace Prize
Purpose: to explain how important it is for Obama to now use his Nobel Peace Prize for good. Now that he has been honored with this award he needs to use it to create changes needed to protect and preserve the environment.
Effective: I do not find this to be to effective because the author does no state what Obama must do now. They only state that he must do something and not let this new found fame or credibility go to waste.
Evidence: No evidence provided - another reason why i believe that this writing is not too effective
Writing At it's Best: "... In the next 2 months, President Obama must commit to ambitious action if he is to be the climate leader the world is waiting for." I believe this is when the writing is at it's best due to the fact that is mot clearly describes or states the main point and intention of the article; no that Obama has received the Nobel Peace Prize, he must act and begin making changes.


  1. I also agree that Greenpeace does not state what Obama is supposed to do next, which is very important when trying to get something changed.

  2. The author of the Greenpeace Response should have given a good course of action rather than just demanding action. I agree that this does render the article a tad ineffective.


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