Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Exploration 7 - Lorenzo Palma

Part One:
The one thing that I realized was that, regarding the mission statements, it is very important that you state the purpose of whatever the mission statement is for. No matter, how long your mission statement is, (although suggested that it be 1-3 paragraphs long) the message that the statement is trying to deliver is the pinnacle of the statement. It is the most important part, and it is what makes a mission statement what it is.


Part Two: First things first 2000 Manifesto
Purpose: The purpose was to vocalize how the commercial industry was undermining the capabilities of graphic designers, limiting it only to careers which were mainly consisted of advertisements and commercial work for big corporations.

Effectiveness: The paper itself was re-iterating the first manifesto created for the same purpose, but the writing is much better, yet the effectiveness for me wasn't as strong as they might've wanted it to be. The most effective part probably was the last paragraph, signifying their purpose for writing this manifesto.

Evidence: Not much evidence is used, it is all based on common knowledge (In terms of, the people who applied into this situation). The only real piece of evidence I saw was the reference to the old, similar manifest to.

Where is the writing at its best? The writing was at its best at the 3rd to last paragraph when the author starts naming off the capabilities of these graphic designers. I thought this part was very strong, "The scope of debate is shrinking; it must expand. Consumerism is running contested; It must be challenged by other perspectives, in part, Through the visual languages and resources of design."

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