Monday, November 3, 2014

Class Dismissed: Malala's story by Hailey Jackson

 Malala's story and herself are truly inspiring. When her town is turned completely upside down by the Taliban, Malala and her father try to remain hopeful. What is so great about the story is the fact that even her and her father are so passionate about education, something that we take for granted in America. Even we faced with threats that doesn't stop Malala. She says, "They cannot stop me. I will get my education, if it is in home, school, or any place."It's is so courageous for a young girl to be so serious about a cause. Even her father who sometimes can't sleep at home in order to protect his family feels just as strongly. Although, I did feel like the father payed too much attention to the cause. I think it is great for him to fight for his cause and feel as strongly as he did, but I think being a dad should always come first and with him, it didn't always. But It's also still so crazy to think that people would be so against women getting an education. You don't realize how drastically different other parts of the world can be.

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