Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Brainstorming for Icons Homework. From Mike Lohre.

Homework: Brainstorm three good topics for the Presentation Projects. Create topics for at least two of the three categories (people, objects, events).

Make one of your three subjects an alternative or lesser known icon, possibely in a area of interest that you really love.

Post your three subjects in the Comments section here, and then explain which one you are most interested in doing for a Presentation, and why.

Really think about different areas or skill, interest, or study here, and then research to find out the iconic subjects in that topic area.




Why is an object like the Statue of Liberty so iconic? For many reasons, of course, but it would take study to truly understand.
HINT: When researching, use search terms like iconic, legendary, leading thinker, leader, pioneer, activist, impact or influence, groundbreaking, seminal, revered, admired, visionary, most respected, etc.


  1. For my first topic I'm going to choose Richard Feynman in the world of physics. He is a rock star in the quantum mechanics field, and was instrumental in the current understanding of physics. My second choice is Alexandre Dumas in the world of cooking. Most people know him as a writer of some of the classics such as the three musketeers, the man in the iron mask, and the count of Monte Cristo. Few people know that he was an avid cook and was renowned for his abilities. The final topic I want to learn about the harpsichord. The harpsichord is an instrument much like the piano, but with one key difference. Where the piano strikes the strings with a mallet when a key is depressed, the harpsichord plucks the strings in much the same way a guitar is played.

  2. The three icons I chose for this brainstorming exercise are Frank Sinatra, Al Capone, the Golden Gate Bridge. The icon I feel that is the most interesting of the three would probably be Frank Sinatra because he was a big character in his time and was very influential, I don't know to much about him and want to know more.

  3. 1. Shirt Waist Fire in 1911 is a very tragic result of Union creation that shows the hardships that immigrants in the early 1900's had to face.
    2. The Stephson Scandal is a person that was head of the Indiana government. D.C. Stephenson was involved in horrific contact with Madge Oberholtzer.
    3.The 1924 National Immigrant Origins Act was a very iconic law that was passed that greatly impacted immigration into America.

  4. The three topics I brainstormed are:
    1. The Notorious B.I.G. (biggy smalls), rapper who was shot and killed, he changed the music industry
    2. Guy Fieri - in cooking industry, has tv shows and many books
    3. 1970's Pittsburgh Steelers

    I'm most interested in doing the 1970's steelers for my project because i am a very big Steelers fan. My family has season tickets and i have been to many games. One thing that is obvious at the games is the pride in the teams history. They have the hall of fame with monuments of past players and important events. And they honor the past often.

  5. The three topics that I brainstormed and like the most are:
    1. Marilyn Monroe - One of the most popular icons in the film industry, her movies still being known as classics to this day. Known for her famous and unforgettable modeling and the way she died.
    2. The Famous Blizzard of '78 - One of the most memorable record snowfalls Ohio has seen ever before. People who lived at this time, will never forget.
    3. The History behind Starbucks - Everyone knows Starbucks and the famous logo. How did it all start and what is really in that coffee of theirs?
    I'm most interested in The Blizzard of '78. I love snow and weather, so it would be very easy to research and fun to present in front of the class.

  6. 1. Carole Baskin- She created the Big Cat Rescue in Florida and saves big cats from homes and teaches about the dangers of owning a big cat. Her organization is a non-profit organization that rehabilitates these big cats and releases them back into the wild where they belong.
    2.Walt Disney- Iconic figure in the media and entertainment industry.
    3.AAGPBL- All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. started in 1942 when the men left to go to war. I see this as paving the way for women sports.
    The one I am most interested in is Carole Baskin because I have visited her facility and it is amazing what they do there for the big cats that have been abused

  7. The first topic that I have thought of is the master sushi chef Jiro Ono who is know for making the best sushi in the world and has a top dollar 3 star restaurant in japan. The second that I have topic is the video game crash of 1983 and how it nearly destroyed the video game industry until the release of the nintendo entertainment system was able to help recover the industry. The third topic that is the comic book era and how they were able to become popular and maintain there relevance for such a long time. The topic that I am most interested in doing is the video game crash of 1983 because I consider myself a gamer and would like to learn more about the history of the video game industry.

  8. My three topics are-
    1.Jack Nicholson- famous american actor.
    2. Ronald Reagan- American President. Well liked, and his ideals are lasting still today.
    3. Coca- Cola - American drink of past time.

  9. My three icons that I have chosen are:
    - Hideo Kojima, a well-known producer, writer, director, and designer for the video game industry.
    - Monty Oum, a very talented choreographer and animator. Known for his shows "Dead Fantasy", and "RWBY", and also his work on Rooster Teeth's most popular web-series "Red vs. Blue".
    - Halo: Combat Evolved, a game created by the developer, Bungie, that revolutionized First-Person Shooters (FPSs) for console gamers.

    I'm most interested in doing the paper on Hideo Kojima, because ever since he came into the video game industry, he has created revolutionizing games that are well-known worldwide because of his writing, and artistic direction, that really hits home with many people. He also had a very trying history in terms of his career in video games, he had many great ideas that he was shot down for which would've changed the course of gaming in more ways than one, and he was one of those people who, even though inexperienced in the field he wanted to be a part of, he had determination and had the passion to put forth all the effort he had in order to even be able to just partake in the development of his aspirations.

  10. The Three Iconic Topics I Brainstormed Are:
    1. Stonehenge, a famous prehistoric monument, important within the field of archaeology, that symbolizes a powerful image of ancient achievement.
    2. Sappho of Lesbos, a famous historical Greek female musician and lyrical poet who is believed to have lived around 630 BC – 595 BC
    3. Lady Justice, a statue personifying the divine law and order in the judicial system.

  11. Three icons that i chose for the brainstorming exercise are, John Dillinger (A infamous criminal from the Great Depression Era who robbed banks and killed many cops and citizens,in 2009 the movie,Public Enemies, was made based off of his life.), John F. Kennedy (Arguably the most loved American president who's death captured the attention of the whole country), my last icon is the assembly line. I chose the assembly line because it changed the game for manufacturing all over the world, and is still in use today in many manufacturing processes.

  12. For my first topic I pick Louis Armstrong the Jazz player as I play trumpet and he is a big icon in the world of jazz, second I choose shays rebellion where some citizens of Massachusetts took up arms again newly formed state government in Boston. And lastly the picture "grief" shot by soviet photographer dmitri balteants during world war 2 it was sent around the world and went mostly unpublished due to most thought it was just more soviet propaganda.

  13. The topics I picked are
    1. Marilyn Monroe. She's a very well known american icon. She was a true fairy tale story. Starting wit abuse and fosters home to become a successful, hollywood star.
    2. Martin Luther King Jr. another very well know icon. Major leader in the civil rights movement.
    3. The Golden arches of McDonald. I know McDonald is really known, but I don't think it is commonly seen as an icon. This is my favorite because McDonald is such a huge company and it just seems to get bigger and bigger and it is literally changing how our society is structured.

  14. My three topics -
    Thurgood Marshall - First African American Supreme Court Justice
    Jim Brown - Cleveland Browns running back 1957 - 1965
    The Moondog Coronation Ball - First Rock and Roll concert in Cleveland Ohio

  15. The three topics that I choose are:
    1. Dale Earnhardt Sr. – He is a legendary Nascar driver, who had a very tragic death at the Daytona 500 in 2001.
    2. George Straight – He is very popular country artist that’s more traditional style of country and his first album was in 1981 and he is still performing today.
    3. Newport, Rhode Island - A very famous area where Americas most wealthiest family built summer vacation homes.

  16. The first topic that I am interested is Dolly World. Since I am interested in water and amusement parks, and this is one of my favorite parks I've been too. Although I'm not a huge country music, the park has grown significantly in the past decade and is prospering off of the tourism brought by the great smokey mountains.
    Another topic that I am interested in researching William Tecumseh Sherman and his total war campaign on the Confederate. His military tactics and strategies although destructive are sometimes claimed as a leading factor of the confederates loss in the war. He even has a tank named after him!
    The third topic I am interested in researching is Gettysburg. I find the civil war extremely interesting to learn about as it has shaped our country to where we are today and what we could have become. The battle of Gettysburg is considered as the turning point in the Civil War. Lee had marched into the North and we won our first battle. On top of this, it was one of the bloodiest battles of the civil war.
    I am the most interested in researching about Dolly World because of it's recent growth in the amusement park industry finally competing with major parks across the country while still maintaining it's country roots and heritage. If that's not considered as a good enough topic, I would like to research about Sherman and his military tactics and how they effected not only the civil war but strategies in wars to come.

  17. The three topics me and Shravan narrowed it down to was:
    1. Paul Taylor- Ionic dance legend
    2. Dr. Seuss- Famous children's book writer
    3. Andre Agassi - American tennis legend


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