Wednesday, November 12, 2014

this is my poem down below.But first, i thought i would

It was a day like any other day,
But I felt a world away.
And standing nearly 1,400 feet in the sky,
Out above, a quarter mile high.
Everywhere, as open as a sea,
And yet still it says ‘impossible to me’.
And as I decide whether I can avoid,
I look out into this ‘devouring void’.

I’m running late to work,
But on this morning, everyone is going berserk.
So I turn my head up to see this thing that is catching fire,
As I squint my eyes and in disbelief I see in the clouds, A man up on a wire.
We all look on;
He seems to have no fear,
And soon there begins to spawn,
Thousands of rising voices gifting cheer.

I observe is actions now, some 40 years later,
And I see a man, who became to his own fears, a dictator.
His actions, which had us all lost as he had whirled,
From the time when, he had walked on ‘top of the world’.

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