Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Square Extra credit

Part 1

The documentary "The Square" by Jehane Noujaim follows the events of occupation of demonstrators the Tahrir Square in Cairo Egypt. The start of the documentary follows around the people who are occupining Tahrir Square. The reason for the occupation is that the people feel the their government is corrupt and in particular there leadership is corrupt. So they have gathered with the goal of getting the dictator Hosni Mubarak. After some time in the square they were able to get Mubarak to resign. After his resignation the protesters began to clear out of the square feeling that there job was complete. They later returned to the square because they realized that the job was incomplete and wouldn't be complete till their corrupt government was fixed. The army then decided to use force against the protesters to remove them from the square. This incident involved hiring thugs to get inside the square and cause a riot to remove the protestors. Once the army had control of the square the Muslim Brotherhood made a deal with the army to use the square to spread there their beliefs. This lead to a split in directions of the protestors, the ones who supported the Muslim Brotherhood and the those who didn't. The events that this came after this were a presidential election where the Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Morsi won. The election was controversial due to the fact that the candidate were Morsi and Ahmed Shaflik who a large potion of the population didn't want either. After the elections Morsi declared himself pharaoh. His rule proved that there was still corruption in the government. The people began to call for a temporary government and for reelections to be held. Later that year the peoples cries were heard and Morsi was forced out of power and reelections were going to be held.

Part 2

After the events that were shown in "The Square" there was much that needed to be change and the reelection to be held. After Morsi was taken out of power the Muslim Brotherhood began to deteriorate. Incidence began occurring where Brotherhood members were being killed. The first incident killed 51 supporters who protesting outside of a military base where Morsi was believed to be held. The worst of the incidents involved over 900 supporters being killed while police and soldiers were cleaning out a camp of the supporters. The situation in Egypt has changed enough that the Muslim Brotherhood has been banned by the courts of Egypt.

Social media played a big role in the Egypt revolution. The start of it was on Facebook after someone saw images of someone who was beaten to death by police. He then made a Facebook page to bring the incident to light. This page had 300 people join it in 2 minutes and had 250000 people join after 3 months. He later was on television where he broke down crying after seeing photos of what had happened to people who have been killed during the protests. Social media has also played a large role in the protest in hong kong where they are using social media to communicate with each other to setup the protest.


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