Monday, December 1, 2014

Exploration 8 - Grant Trainer

I think the most important idea or views offered is the main theme and concept. This is that we need to make the switch from the processed and nutrient deprived food that we grow and eat now to organic and healthy food. This is for many reasons, all of which are stated in the film. "Every single one of these things is nature speaking to us, screaming to our industrialized culture "stop!"" These foods are having negative effects on both us and our environment and we need to put a stop to it by following through on a solution. One of the greatest strengths of this film is the fact that they do not just give us the problems and say we need to fix them. They also have solutions that not only are possible, have actually been done in some places. They tell is what we need to do and by doing so, create a much better chance to solve the problem. The biggest weakness of this film in my opinion is the fact that they dont give us any way to take further action. They should have told us a website to visit or organization to get involved. Some way that we could do our part and make a difference. The theme or subtopic that i look into is the price difference in organic vs. non-organic foods. I found that although organic foods ranged from just slightly more in price to more than double, it was well worth the money. These organic foods have many more nutrients than the processed non-organic foods and are much more worth your money in the end when it comes to your bodies health and the nourishment the food gives you. I also thought that if we made the move towards making organic foods the majority that we could mot likely make this price cheaper by introducing new methods or technology to the industry all while keeping the food healthy.

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