Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Grant Trainer - Exploration 9 - final exploration


"Philippe Petit. The man on the wire.
Walking between these two buildings had become his most passionate desire
A seemingly impossible feat to do
but impossible was just a word, and he would not stop until he was through
In a city that was old, dirty, and full of skyscrapers
He was soon to be the newest buzz, front page news of the newspapers
It took many months to prepare for this act
an act so astonishing, the law had no choice but to give him a free pass

As he walks the wire, he is finally free
and there is no place, even beyond earth, the he would rather be
a bird in the sky, completely at peace
his true sanctuary, his true release
the time comes when the gods tell him it's time to step down 
so he hops off of the rope, and onto the ground
to embrace his new fame, in an old, dirty town"

I chose to share my poem about Philippe because i am not very good at poetry. I do not like writing poetry that much which causes my poetry to turn out not so good. Because of this i was very proud of my work on this poem. I was proud that i did something outside my comfort zone and excited about how well it turned out, it was a big gain for me and something important i learned this year. 


The last subject i want to write about is the charity organization W.A.R.M. This is a charity organization that puts together food to donate to families who are less fortunate and are in need. The reason i want to write about this organization is because i have volunteered there and know that they do a lot of good. It is important to help those who need it and we need to spread the word of being selfless and how to help. It's important that organizations like these stay around and in order to do that we need to spread the word so that is why i chose this as my last subject and what makes it so important. 


  1. I thought pretty seriously about sharing my poem too. I enjoyed writing it and I thought it was a fun assignment honestly, it challenged us to do something new. I had written some poetry in the past, but like you said it tends to come out not great. The charity you chose to write about deals with a subject that is very dear to my heart. Food in America is so abundant that it really is inexcusable that there are hungry people in this country. I am glad that there are people that who are working to promote selflessness and the helping of others.

  2. Your poem was very well written and the rhyming made it seem more intense and draws the reader in. I agree, the poetry was really good to start out with one of the first assignments because it made me get out of my comfort zone as well. I will have to check out W.A.R.M. It's really cool that you have volunteered there.

  3. I loved your poem. I totally forgot about that when I chose my best writing. W.A.R.M. sounds like an amazing group. They sound like they really provide for a lot of less fortunate people. Also, it's really great that you have volunteered there yourself.

  4. I would have to agree with everyone else! Your poem was really well written! I really enjoy your rhyme scheme because they ultimately make sense and add a solid flow to your poem. I also disagree with you not being good a poetry! I think this poem is proof of that, this is something to be proud of!

  5. I felt the same way about my poem ( but its not as good as yours). Just like you I also thought that poetry was not my cup of tea, but I was pretty amazed with what I came up with. Great job on the poem!


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