Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Exploration 8: Lilyan Eldadah

The quote at the beginning of the movie, “Americans fear one thing: inconvenience” was a very powerful quote because it is really true. Even if something is beneficial, if it is inconvenient or harder to do, Americans will do everything and anything to make it handy and easy to do. The most important ideas and evidence offered, in my view, was the fact that they didn't just show all the negatives or all the positives, but the documentary, Fresh, had some negatives along with many positives of the farming industry. I believe this was the strength of the movie because it showed the viewers different farming techniques and how while old farming techniques may be considered “inconvenient” it is very beneficial in the long run. Weaknesses of the film was there wasn't a lot of proof to back up their information and I think more pathos appeals would make the film more influential to the viewers, because while there were some videos of the terrible things being done to farm animals, for instance the images of chicks being chucked onto the floor, if there were more images like this, viewers would feel more emotion toward the subject.

The theme I researched was polyculture because the topic came up in the movie frequently and  when I watched the movie I was very interested in it and wanted to learn more about it. Polyculture  is defined as "the simultaneous cultivation or exploitation of several crops or kinds of animals" by google. Polycultures have pros and cons, while I believe that the pros override the cons. If you look at the second link I put down in the Work Cited, you can see all the pros and cons. Monocultures defined by google is, "the agricultural practice of producing or growing a single crop of plant species over a wide area and for a large number of consecutive years". To have monocultures you have to use a lot of pesticides and fertilizers which makes it possible, but makes the animals or plants have less nutrition. 

Work Cited

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  1. Hey. Yes, that quote was very powerful. I wrote about that earlier as well. It is a very true thing that I think people often overlook. The documentary 'Fresh' was a great way to look at new topics.


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