Monday, December 8, 2014


I admire Philippe Petite.
Twenty-four years old.
Eight months prior planning.
Anxiety filling his head and stomach.
This is impossible. This is impossible. This. Is. IMPOSSIBLE.
One thousand three hundred sixty three feet up.
Nothing but thin wire.
August 7, 1974.
A day to be remembered.
High Wire Artist, Philippe Petite takes on the Twin Towers.
Looking like a small speck to the hundreds of curious spectators below
Petite performs outrageous, dangerous tricks.
A quarter mile up.
                                        Lying down.
How long was the irrationality going to continue?

Eight Rounds.
Forty-Five minutes later.
Insanity escapes Petite’s mind
and reality pours in.
“My intuition told me it was time for me to close the curtain of this intimate performance,"
Petite was let off with a penalty to perform to children.
Persistence for my dreams.
I admire Philippe Petite.

I think my best writing this year was this poem about Philippe Petite. I am not a very good writer to begin with, and writing poems and artistically has always been really complicated for me. For this poem, I edited the piece two or three times and had someone else edit it for me too. I wanted to perfect the poem, because when I wrote it, I tried so hard to make it perfect and I really believe it was the best poem I ever written. I used sensory details and short/long sentences to add emphasis to the word/sentence. I really enjoyed this poem and hope you did too!

 Something important that few know about is the Palestinian-Israeli War that has been going on for over 60 years now. A lot of you may have heard about this war before but many of you might not know about the background of how the war started up again. The media seems to cover so much information from the Palestinian side, so most Americans see it only through the Israelis eyes. Recently, Israelis have been capturing and torturing/killing Palestinian boys. So in defense the Palestinians captured an Israeli, to show the Israelis that they can fight back too. This outraged the Israelis so they began to bomb Palestine. I don't have anything online research or videos to give as evidence, but the reason I know this is because my mom's side of the family lives in Palestine and when they had a few hours of electricity and internet they called my mom and told her everything that was happening. While this information may be bias, just like international news is usually bias, the information is true because it is first hand evidence of what is happening. The problem is that in the international news, no one mentioned that the Israelis were the ones who began this problem because they were torching little Palestinian kids, but instead all that was mentioned was Palestinians captured an Israeli boy and were keeping him captive and Israel had a right to start bombing Palestinian borders.
This is just a little background on the story and I just wanted to portray to you that not all information given by the media is 100% true. It is usually edited and changed to reach the viewers eyes, and make them feel a certain way toward the topic. Basically, if they want you to feel good about something, even if its bad, they will change up the information so it sounds good. All I am saying, is while news is considered factual, I would advise that you research a little more about the subject and not believe every word thrown at you by the media. 

This picture screams a million different thoughts and feelings. On they stated that Israel has killed 1,300 kids Gaza. Its so scary to think that people can just kill babies and kids like the way kids are dying in this war. Since I have cousins and nieces and nephews in Gaza, Palestine its so upsetting and so frightening to think that they may be bombed and killed any second. I want peace in Palestine, not only for my mom's side of the family, but also for all the kids and teenagers that have to go through the blood and pain of losing someone at such a young age. No child should have to watch his mother die between his arms due to a shooting. No parent should have to watch their child die infront of their eyes because of a bombing. This war is a huge tragedy and has been going on for far too long.

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