Monday, December 1, 2014

Exploration 8: Fresh Response- Haley Miner

       The most important ideas i saw was people do not realize where their food comes from. I know I personally did not know much about farming being industrialized but once I watched this movie it opened my eyes to show me that there really is a reason we have organic products. The film did a really good job at showing how farms use to be and how industrializing the farms have hurt and affected the farms and the people who eat the food coming from these farms. One sentence that stood out to me was the fact the farmers have practically no choice in productivity. this was stated by many farmers in the video. They only really have one choice when it comes to getting their product out unless it is sold locally. Once they cut it back to being local they can sell it off their farms and not have to worry about getting told to use certain feed or pesticides, the farmer becomes in control.
        I researched one of the people that stood out to me. Russ Kremer is the manager of Heritage Farms. In the movie he had said that he tried farming the way industrialization wants and found out it does not work. He had said he experienced many diseases with his hogs and noticed once he got new hogs and did not give them any drugs that the hogs never got sick. Now Russ Kremer is a nation processor, marketer and distributor of natural and organic protein products. He farms by humanely and sustainably raising hogs and cattle and grows chemical free vegetables, crops, hay and timber. Kremer has testified before many congressional committees and has helped shape the policy related to food safety. He now serves on USDA's 21st century Agriculture Advisory Committee and has been featured on many television shows such as CBS Morning Show. I researched Russ Kremer because he has seen both sides he knows what it is like to go through the industrialization process and realized first hand it causes a lot of problems and he is now doing something to change it and make our food safe to eat.

      Jorden brought up a great weakness that I agree with. If the movie would have listed a few websites or organizations that the viewers could use to find organic foods near them or even a way to get involved and help change the food industry it would have made the movie even better. People want to help but most people do not want to have to search very hard to find a way to help, by giving them a source to go to so they know what to do to help, everyone who watched the video could in turn give back and change the industrialization of our food sources.

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