Monday, December 1, 2014

Exploration 8: Hans Hartle

   The most important ideas and themes that I learned from the film was how you should choose your food and how you can help improve the environment even if you aren't a farmer. Your money and what you choose to buy counts just as much, If companies who control the market aren't selling, they are forced to change their approach. I feel that film had many strengths in proving it's intended message. The director meshed multiple well known writers and activist who firmly believe in what they are selling, which is the first step to a successful campaign. Not only do they believe in what they are selling however, but are truly knowledgeable and are able to dispute any possible argument to their claims. The weakness that I found in this film was that, at least in my opinion, was heavily biased. Although this is good for what they are trying to prove, but I wanted to see bigger counter arguments towards what they are trying to prove. When I try to choose what I believe in I like to hear both sides of the story, and although I was buying what they were trying to sell, I want to know the whole story before I hand them my money.
      After watching the film, I decided to research and learn more about Michael Pollan who was a major speaker and created the backbone arguments for the film. I read an article he wrote called How Change Is Going to Come in the Food System. One of the most interesting points in this argument is how he felt about the first ladies food reform. Although he is not certain on the motivation behind the reform, he suspects one of two things. A. The first lady is acting as a chess piece, only to pretend that their is change going on while business continues normally, or B. President Obama has determined there is not yet enough political support to take  on the challenge of the food system reform and is instead using the first lady to build a broad constituency for change. He believe that in order for change to happen in Congress and the Senate in terms of the food systems, the state and local legislators need to find meaning in running for a national position to push their beliefs.

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