Monday, December 8, 2014

Final Exploration- Haley Miner

    Part 1: Something I wrote this semester that I am very proud of is the second part of exploration 6. I am proud of this because I went back in time to a very hard time in my life. I revisited the days before and the day of my dad's death. I think I did my best writing in this piece simply because it was my own story and I had a deep connection with this. "We drove around for hours with no place to go and somehow ended up back in town. We dropped my best friend off and every time he would feel like he was dropping off one of his own children. My father treated every friend of mine like his own child because he had that affect on them" this was part of my characterization of my dad showing that he was there for anyone who needed him. I decided to share this because I know there are a lot of people that have to deal with some really hard obstacles in life and I want everyone to know that you are never alone in those times. I know from experience that there will always be at least one person who wants to help you. I tell the story of my dad so people can see who he was and meet him even though it is not in person. I also share this story to keep him alive in a certain way that is close to my heart.

    Part 2: The song I want to share ties back into my dad. I showed him this song one time and he loved it. Every time something was not going right or getting too hard to handle we would listen to this song and it would remind us that anyone can accomplish anything all they have to do is look at the bigger picture and keep fighting. I feel this song is important because everyone goes through a rough patch and need something to motivate them. This song does that for me, it motivates me knowing that this is just a small step to a bigger picture. As I always said, Life is a climb but once you get to the top the view is great. 

It was great having class with everyone and if anyone ever needs to talk about anything I will always be available to talk. Don't give up and have a wonderful college career! 

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