Monday, December 8, 2014

Exploration 9: Shelby Wade

Part 1:

           Instant comfort, sinking into a big, fluffy couch warmed by the sunlight pouring through the broad windows of a small, cozy living room. During late fall and winter, you will find a large, blazing fire pulling you in by its warmth, Christmas décor that one will only find in this grandmother’s home, and the soothing sound of O’ Christmas Tree playing quietly in the background. When family gathers, this room fills itself with laughter, tears, and excitement. A room so full of life, can only be found at my seventy-nine year old grandmother’s, Gerd.
         When you find someone that you love and care so deeply about, make as many memories you possibly can with them. Laugh, act silly, dance, enjoy all the little things about them. Remember everything you can about that special person. Gerd and I have so many fun memories we have created together and many more to create. Imaging my life without her is sad, but I will always have the memories we have made to cherish. I will always remember her laugh, the way she moves around the kitchen so gracefully, and the plain white apron that she always has on in the kitchen. All the little moments, that I might not have realized at the time would be something that I will never forget, I cherish already and will continue to cherish even when she is gone. “Don’t worry about what people think of you. You be you and everyone will love you”, she has always said to me. Before I had a change of heart, I did not believe her. Now I hold that saying dearly to my heart and try to live my life in that manner.
My family and I on vacation in Virginia. Gerd is on the bottom right.

These are a few paragraphs from my essay two. I choose these because my grandmother is one of the most important people in my life. I really enjoyed writing this essay about our relationship as well. We have gone through a lot together and I felt this piece does a great job explaining how we have become so close.
Part 2:
Pinterest! I'm sure most girls already know what Pinterest is, but I think this website is should a great source to get ideas on new gifts, crafts, innovations, etc. I joined Pinterest about two years ago and I have been using it daily ever since. Most of my gift ideas come from this website. I search through the different categories until I find an art project that really inspires me and then I make it my own.
Here is the link to Pinterest so you can check it out! 
This is an example of the cake I made for my dad for his birthday. I found the idea on Pinterest.

This is another example of something I made from the left over scrabble pieces. I found something like this on Pinterest and made my own version of it.  
Pinterest is a great website that can be used to create and use your imagination. Pinterest is not just for girls either. They have categories for boys about cars, motorcycles, clothing and much more. I believe Pinterest is a great website that can be used for both male and female likes. There is something for everyone on Pinterest. 


  1. I really enjoy your use of language. In your first paragraph, I felt the tone and scene of your experience. I love that you wrote your paper, and enjoyed it because of you relationship with your grandmother. Also, Pinterest is an interesting thing as well. To me, at first I thought it was feminine, and a little dumb, but after a while I have begun to kind of understand the purpose of it. My sister has one, and she has used ideas for it as well on birthdays or celebrations with our family. It is a neat tool, and is worth looking at.

  2. I completely agree that it is important to make as many memories with the ones you love.

  3. I really enjoyed your writing about your grandma, and all the memories you made. I like your suggestion about pinterest I don't have one and it sounds like a cool website.

  4. I really like the way you describe the scene in the paragraph you shared. I have never used Pinterest, but after reading your blog it seems like its a pretty useful website that i may have to check out!

  5. I LOVE PINTEREST! That app is SO addicting! It gives so many different fashion statements and ideas to help you create your own amazing things. My favorite thing on pinterest is the different hairstyles they have and they even show you how to do those hair styles! I think the cake you made is sweet! Good website choice to talk about :)

  6. i enjoyed seeing pictures of things that you have done through inspiration. Just shows how anything can inspire a person and people can take that and make it their own! very well done on the cake.

  7. I loved reading the couple paragraphs that you selected to share from your Narrative Essay. You were really able to get your emotions and memories across through your language use in your essay.


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