Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Exploration 8 Preston Bryan

1. This documentary expressed many important ideas and offered a large quantity of sources to show what the industrial food market has turned to.  There were many fact that this film showed that I believed stood out.  The first major thing that stood out to me was a statement that claimed the industry aims for maximum short run productive efficiency.  This statement means a lot, cause it means that they are sacrificing the quality of there product to get the most quantity of the product onto the market.  I felt that this is important because we are getting lower quality food from this.  I think that the way that they went to multiple farmer from different background and regions of the United States does a great job supporting there argument.
2. The topic that I decided to get more information was the fact that because of industrialization involved them feeding dead cows to cows.  From some research I learned that what they do is feed excess chicken feed to the cows.  This excess feed can contain From some research I learned that what they do is feed excess chicken feed to the cows. This excess feed can contain feces, feathers, antibiotics, heavy metals, and disease caring bacteria. My research also said that this practice is worrisome because in the feed can be beef protein. This is want they meant when they were saying that cows were eating cows.  What I found surprising was that the FDA does nothing to regulate what gets put into this feed.


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