Wednesday, December 3, 2014

exploration 8 by Shravan Patel

The documentary Fresh shines light on the sustainable agriculture and some of the organizations/people who are involved in sustainable agriculture. The topic of sustainable  farming, discussed in the documentary, felt most important to me. I found the subject of sustainable farming important because coming from a family of mango and dairy farmers; I feel like knowing how to cultivate your crops using the principles of ecology is a effective way to make your crops healthier and without harming the environment. Joel Salatin, one of the narrators in the film, and a farmer, lecturer and author touches on how he uses the principles of ecology to raise his cattle and chickens. He also talks how sustainable farming is beneficial to both the environment and the health of his cattle. He also touches on the problems with intensive farming which is growing now a days. I feel like the reason the practice of intensive farming is because americas fear inconvenience.

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