Monday, December 1, 2014

Exploration 8: Brandon Kilgore

The most important thing from the film that i learned was just how bad processed food and mass grown food is for us. I never knew of this cycle that they kept talking about during the film of rotating the animals to different areas, so that all the animals and plants could thrive. It's actually really eye opening seeing this because most people have never seen this kind of farming, were all used to the mass production of crops like corn, beans, and wheat. One piece on information that struck me was how one of the farmers said they have to use so many pesticides because the insects and weeds become immune to the pesticides and then they have to spray more so they can kill them. Andrew Kimbel said, "A medium sized organic operation is more productive than a large size industrial operation". This is surprising but makes sense, since the products that come out of organic farms are more nutrient and grow better and healthier without the use of pesticides. I don’t feel like there were any weaknesses in the film, i thought it was very informative and enlightening.

I researched Good Nature Family Farms an alliance of farms in Kansas. I looked into them because i felt it was interesting that individual farms came together to form an alliance, whereas usually a large company takes over the operations. In the article I read it talked about the key innovations that they have that sets them apart from other corporations and brands. They are able to negotiate prices with the grocery chain were most of the time this is done by company executives not the actual farmers. They as show how it is structured and how individual farms aren’t limited by the alliance, they can sell their products independently to other sto9res and still sell them under the good nature family farms name. Also, it says how these farms are chained down by the alliance, they say it’s more of a loose alliance, the farms aren’t restricted, and still operate as usual.

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