Monday, December 8, 2014

Exploration 9: Hans Hartle

   Hey everyone, it feels like it was just yesterday that we first met and created our first blog post! As we all know, this is not the case. We have been through a lot and created several pieces of literature that we should all be proud of! I would like to post some of my best work for you all to read and hopefully comment on to give me feedback! It would be much appreciated. :)
    The first piece of writing which I wish to share with everyone is my introduction of my research of Geauga Lake and the story behind it closing.
   Click clack, click clack… click clack. The light reflects off the blur of adrenaline and steel that zips around the brim of the lake. Screams and cheers ring through the air; some of pure excitement, and others of exasperation. Pshhhhhhhh. “Welcome back riders, how was that ride?” The lady walking down the aisle cheered. “WOOOOHOOO” The passengers would join in unison. Click. The lap bar now locked me into my seat, heart pounding, eyes staring at the only obstacle between the border of fear and excitement: the lift hill. Clickity clack, click clack, the Chariot of the Gods reaches the peak, watching helplessly as the butterflies drop in my stomach, and our ride draws ever near to the earth.
Pulling into the parking lot, 12 years had passed since visiting the masterpiece called
   Geauga Lake. Where the cars had waited eagerly for their drivers to return, weeds the height of corn stock, held their space, springing out from each crevasse in the earth. We walked up to the front gate, picturing the roller coaster enthusiast sprinting to get their spot in line and return to their sanctuary. Instead of being welcomed by warm and friendly employees, now we were turned away, shunned as if we were outcast. Forbade to enter by the gloomy “private property: do not enter” sign on the chain fence. My eyes searched the horizon for some recognizable trace of the magnificent monster of an amusement park that once occupied this barren wasteland, but I found none.
   The second piece of writing which I wish to share is from my narrative/story I wrote.
    “Kaley, can you give us a second?” Kelly said, staring down at the sand she was filtering through her fingers while her bleach blond hair waved in the breeze.
“And leave you here with him? I’d rather puke!” her identical twin Kaley responded.
“What did I ever do to you?” I asked.
“Don’t listen to her; she is just jealous because you’re mine.” Kelly interrupted.
“OR, I am worried about your awful taste in guys!” Kaley chimed in.
“Do you remember Daytona?” Kelly asked. Whatever the answer was, Kaley glared at her saying I’ll get you back for that.
“Alright, I’m out. But don’t come crying to me when mom finds out you were alone with him” Kaley said.
"I thought you two never split up" I said, punching myself on the inside as I realized I was only adding fuel to the fire.
"Only for you Hans" Kaley answered. "Now don't have too much fun you two. We still have capture the flag and ghost in the graveyard tonight."
"Oh joy" I murmured.
 She smirked in my direction and sprinted up the sand dune and towards the house. As soon as Kaley left silence filled the beach. I kept trying to open my mouth, but no words would exit. Instead I stared out into the vibrant pink and orange horizon and the waves crashing into the beach splashing my toes. After a few moments had passed, Kelly muttered something under her breath.
“You know, maybe that’s why you don’t get any girls?” Kelly said.
“What?” I asked. The question had caught me off guard and was not the way I had dreamt of this conversation starting.
“You’re too shy” she said. “It’s just me.”

   Recently, a popular DJ, DJ Earworm released his new annual mash up of the top 25 most popular songs of  2014. I chose to write about him and this song in particular because of how it truly recaps the year in music as a whole in under 5 minutes. Another reason I wanted to share this with you all is because of the amount of time and consideration it would take to produce this! His ear for music allows him to create a masterpiece out of songs I would have never imagined sounding even remotely decent layered together. More importantly, I love how when listening to his music you find new sounds and hidden songs each time you hit replay.


  1. I really enjoyed the topic you chose to write about! You are right about the new sounds and beats that are revealed each time you listen to it! I ended up listening to it three or four times and each time there was something new and interesting I did not hear the time before. Since I never heard of DJ Earworm I really enjoyed learning about his music and I am glad you proved a video of his music so we could all listen to the song for ourselves!

  2. I had never heard of DJ Earworm before this post and I am really glad you decided to share it. I love music so seeing what he can do is amazing. He must really have an amazing ear for music to be able to layer these songs.

  3. I listened to the song you posted and I thought that it was interesting the sound they you hear when you listen to it. I also liked the story that you posted about, The way that you use word to show sound I thought was interesting.

  4. I love DJ Earworm and all of his previous works! It really impresses me how someone can listen to all those songs and just visualize connections that he can make between all of them!

  5. The piece of writing you selected was very well done. In your first paragraph you posted, you were really able to get a sense of the scene/setting and the mood across through your writing. Also, in the second paragraph you posted you were able to use vivid imagery through your writing to evoke emotions about the theme park that is no longer standing.


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