Monday, December 8, 2014

Exploration 9 Preston Bryan

1. The writing that I think I wrote the best would be the second paper we wrote for personal narratives. This narrative was about a choice that I made that I have come to regret. to summarize it I let a friend take the full blame for something that I was involved in. This is a paragraph is one that I think that my writing was the best frrom this semestar.
      We were enjoying the rest of our day and then we look out into the parking lot next to the campsite. What we saw there was something that made us begin to panic. There was a Park Rangers car that just pulled up to the campsite. I was just standing there staring at it, I knew exactly what they were there for and I knew that I was going to get in big trouble because of it. The ranger get out of his car and from the view I have of his face I can tell that he is not pleased to be here. One of the assistant scoutmasters goes over to the car and when they come back the troop is told to assemble down at the waterfront. By the time I get down there I think what am I going to do. I whisper to Andrew asking what we should do, and we both agree that we should admit it was us and except our punishment. Then the moment of truth come and the scoutmaster is asking the entire troop who it was who did this. He said in a loud voice “Whoever did this raise your hand”. I look at Andrew whose hand is just beginning to go up into the air. In what felt like an hour but was really just a few seconds I begin to raise my hand. Before I get my hand halfway into the air I stop. Andrew is there with his hand in the air and I am there with my hand barely raised. The crowd begins to look at him and hardly anyone has their attention on me. The park ranger looks towards him and then looks at the troop as a whole and said something that made me feel terrible. He put his attention on Andrew and said, “I could arrest you for putting that picnic table in the lake but because your boy scouts I think that this will be a good learning lesson”. As soon I he said that a lot of the stress I felt from what I did went away but now I am standing there while Andrew is take the full force of the blame for what we did.
     I Think that this is one of my best writings because it is rememrable. Out of all my uses of imagery this is one that the reader remembers. Standing in lines with everyone else is powerful image and makes it easy to remember.

2. The last subject that I will talk about are rubiks cube. Rubiks cube are a  puzzle that is a 3x3x3 cube that you mix up and then try to solve it. There are many different cubes ranging is sizes from the 2x2x2 to a 20x20x20. In the 3x3x3 there are 43252003274489856000 different permutations. Along with these cube there are also other puzzles such as the pentaminx which is like the rubiks cube but has pentagons and 12 sides instead of 6. I am talkimng about rubiks cube because it is somthing that I have dealt alot with in the past and collect them to be better at them.



  1. I've never been able to do the Rubik's cube, I've tried for a long time but have never gotten it besides when you buy it new. I never knew that there were many different sizes of Rubik's cubes either. I cant even imagine trying solve a 20x20x20 Rubik's cube that would take me many life times to solve it.

  2. Wow... I can't imagine what a 20x20x20 rubiks cube would look like, let alone how hard it would be to solve it! Well, I guess I do since I just looked it up and can I say, it's very... intimidating.


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