Monday, December 8, 2014

Final exploration

              Something that I wrote this semester that I am proud of was one of the arguments I used in essay three. My essay three was an argument on why euthanasia should be illegal. The arguments I made to support my claim were
 - It would not only be for the terminally ill.
 - It would become involuntary
- It stands against everything a physician stands for.
I think my third argument was the best piece of writing I did this semester.  I used the hippocratic oath to support my third argument because I believe this was my strongest argument and the hippocratic oath explicitly states that a doctor should not intentionally harm a patient nor should they give a patient poison or harmful drugs; basically the exact opposite of euthanasia.

The final argument I would like to make takes into consideration the second group affected by euthanasia - the doctors/physicians who are called upon to carry out this deceitful act. Euthanasia goes against all the values/beliefs a physician stands for. As a physician enters the medical field they are required to take the Hippocratic oath. Regarded as the most popular greek medical text, the Hippocratic oath requires a new physician to swear to follow specific ethical standard. The Hippocratic oath explicitly states that a physician shall not harm a human nor shall they administer poison to anyone one : 
“With regard to healing the sick, I will devise and order for them the best diet, according to my judgment and means; and I will take care that they suffer no hurt or damage.
Nor shall any man's entreaty prevail upon me to administer poison to anyone; neither will I counsel any man to do so.” (Hippocratic oath) 

Therefore, the act of euthanasia goes completely against the Hippocratic oath. The legalizing of euthanasia will also undermine the commitment of doctors and nurses to save lives; As the physician will be less motivated to treat terminally ill patients assuming that eventually the patient will request to be euthanized. A majority of medical professionals are against the legalizing of euthanasia; nevertheless, if euthanasia is made legal the medical professional would be forced to comply with the patients request to be euthanized, thus making euthanasia “involuntary” on the physicians side.The research to develop new treatment and cures will also be “put aside” by legalizing euthanasia. 

             Most of you would be familiar with the ALS ice bucket challenge that everyone was doing and posting on Facebook,this past summer. Therefore the subject that I would like to write about is the ALS association and it's effort. ALS association is an organization that raises money to fund research on ALS disease. ALS is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects the nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. ALS association has conducted various efforts to raise funds for research and have been able to raise $99 million until summer of 2014. However, this past summer ALS association came up with the ALS Ice bucket challenge which became viral and a huge success. Millions of people, including me, did the ALS ice bucket challenge and nominated their friends to do it within 24 hours or they have to donate $100 to ALS (this is the reason it beach viral). Many people donated $10 after doing the ALS ice bucket challenge. Hence, since June of 2014 ALS has received a donation of over $115 million, the highest they have generated to date. The ALS association believes that these donations will be extremely helpful in the research to cure ALS and will provide ALS patient with the best treatment and facilities to make their lives as comfortable as possible. I wanted to share this because I believe ALS is a bitch of a disease and it was really fascinating to me that how the ALS accusation came up with such a simple yet successful idea on how to inform the public abut ALS and an effort to raise funds to fight against ALS.  There are some links where you can find more information about ALS and the ALS association. There is also a link to an article which describes what the funds raised by the ice bucket challenge would do in the fight against ALS.


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